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7th Aug 2014

       Hello everyone, as you can see the server has been wiped. There have been many questions about why the wipe now. The main reason the server was wiped is the lag caused mostly from oxide. As a result of that we are no longer running oxide on the server but instead RE.
       With RE there have been questions on concerns, I am going to try to answer them here. RE allows for more mods and content we will actually use. Here is a list of new things that have ben added. 
 1. Random Give-away will occur randomly when 5+ players are on. You can win anything and I mean anything.
 2. Airdrops can have up to 6 crates now. 
 3. There is now a NO PVP farm zone set to help new players. To get there use /warps 
 4. The New Remove tool is /remover on be sure to turn off it does not auto turn off. 
 5. Yes Home set TP points are gone. Well many of you might be mad about this there is good reason for it. To  many people were using them to glitch into others bases. 
 6. The Vote Feature: One of the biggest additions. Use /vote in game to see how to vote for the server and redeem  your Vote prize. This will help you and the server!!!
      Lastly With these new mods we can do more custom than before, Such as the community hub that will be explained in a different thread. We all hope you enjoy the new mods! If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment and one of us will respond as soon as possible. 
Forum » Forums » News & Announcements
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New Mods Installed
csellebrecht · 22nd Jul 2014