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Buying with the economy mod
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Joined: 24th Jul 2014
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25th Jul 2014

So I was thinking...

If the /buy feature is so hard to figure out - I can't get it to work - maybe we should have some instructions posted on the site to sort of walk you through it.. Once we have it figured out.

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25th Jul 2014

These are the commands for economy:

Basic Economy:  
  • Allows you to earn money by killing rad animals and players. You can use the money to buy items in the store. Item names must be exactly like they are displayed in the price lists.
  • If you die to a player, half your money goes to the player that killed you!
  • /money - will show you your current balance.
  • /money info - displays info about the economy.
  • /money "Playername" send amount - will send money to selected player. Example /money "joeplay" send 1000 would send $1000.00 to player Joeplay.
  • /price - Will display the price list categories. use price "category" to see items in category. Example /price weapon would display items and prices for weapons.
  • /buy "Item" amount - will purchase and item using your store money. Example /buy "Wood" 20 would allow you to purchase 20 wood.
  • /sell "item" amount - will sell an item to the store. You will get 10% of the purchase price listed in price list.

So if you want to buy 100 wood you would use 

/buy "Wood" 100

the item names have to be exactly like they are in the price list so look in /price

Joined: 24th Jul 2014
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25th Jul 2014

Thank you,

Will try it when I get back on.
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